Our Inspiration

The Youth in the UT of J&K comprises a huge human resource most of whom without an access to information, opportunities, mentorship, and guidance lacking serviceability and employability under the present economic global order turning them unemployed, unemployable, directionless, dejected and depressed. These issues have significantly contributed further to many other regional problems in the UT of J&K.

In order to help youth overcome their perturbed state of affairs, a comprehensive and holistic intervention for optimal youth mobilization is called-for, so that each and every youth of J&K is reached out, listened to, understood and addressed especially helping them achieve the financial stability that forms a basic need of life and lack of it, a basic distress.

The mobilization of the youth in the right direction has the potential to bring out tremendous positive change in the entire UT of J&K as they constitute the fundamentally critical component of the process of development. Therefore, to channelize the potential of youth in a positive direction, an innovative initiative is a must.

In this connection, Move Beyond (startup incubated at NIT Srinagar, Central Govt. Institution) has taken lead in the development of an innovative career guidance, counselling and consultation platform named as Move Beyond for youth reach-out, empowerment and deeper understanding of their interests, passion, life challenges and socio-economic position so that they are guided and provided direction accordingly i.e., in a customized manner to fulfill their career aspirations.

Sheikh Inayatullah

Move Beyond, CEO