Faculty Development Programs

Faculty development program is one of the critical interventions in enhancing the overall quality of institutions in imparting education and training to the students along with their extracurricular management. Faculty of any educational institute forms the strong foundation for its educational excellence. They are the primary and fundamental nation building force and have a long lasting impact on the life of their taught. However due to the technological boom and fast changing times, they need to be trained and sensitized, both timely and consistently.

Former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam over emphasised the role of a teacher in a pupil’s life. The role of teacher goes beyond mere teaching of facts to the student. Teachers play a great role in identifying any type of talent within a student, shape, and polish it according to their need and utility. This makes them very significant in the lives of their students. Maturation of thought, enhancement in the perspective of life, approach to living, identification of abilities, and the overall career development of a student relies on how their teachers rudder their boats.